Jones Potato Farm


Parrish, Florida

In 1986, Alan Jones and his father began potato farming operations in Parrish, Florida, an area popular for growing tomatoes and watermelon. Today, still family owned, Jones Potato Farm grows 2,000 acres of America’s favorite vegetable – the potato!

Not only does Jones Potato Farm grow the fresh and vibrant red and yellow potatoes that you find in the produce department of the grocery store, but they also grow the potatoes that will eventually be perfectly seasoned, crispy potato chips just a few aisles over.

As fall fades into winter, Jones Potato Farm is abuzz preparing for the upcoming potato growing season; diligently planting potato seed that will sprout and flourish in the Florida sunshine, ready for harvest starting in February. This early start ensures that Jones Potato Farm’s fresh potatoes are among the first to grace tables each new year.

Jones Potato Farm is deeply rooted in the community and educating the next generation about where their food comes from. Through organizations including Feeding Tampa Bay, Easterseals Southwest Florida, Farm to School, and Green and Growing, the farm not only nourishes bodies but also the spirit of giving back.

Jones Potato Farm is committed to sustainable practices that preserve and protect the land for future generations. Embracing the principles of the 4R Stewardship Program – apply the Right source, at the Right rate, at the Right time, at the Right place – the farm has not only achieved remarkable results but has also been honored with the prestigious 4R Advocate Award, a testament to its unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship.

As the farm enters a new era, with the next generation of the Jones family stepping up to carry the torch, Alan Jones reflects on the timeless wisdom passed down through generations, “You learn to farm by doing it. Everyday you wake up, throw your boots on and do it all again.”