Red Potatoes

Red potatoes used for potato recipes

Versatile & Eye‑Catching!

Red potatoes are versatile & eye-catching! Rosy red skin and moist flesh; slightly sweet and tender texture. Red potatoes are perfect for potato salad, smashed potatoes, and roasted potatoes.

"I’m honored to grow fresh potatoes year after year for your family and mine."

Nick – Plover, Wisconsin

Farmer's Promise – 5lb bag of red potatoes
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Potatoes 101

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Did you know…

If your potatoes are exposed to
warm temperatures, they might
“wake up” and sprout.

Don’t worry – they’re still safe to eat as long as
they are firm and not wrinkled! Just pop off
any sprouts before cooking.

You may not always see an expiration date or best by date on the package. 

Since potatoes are fresh produce, how long they last depend more on how they are stored rather than by date. As long as your potatoes are not soft or breaking down, you should be good to go!

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