Yellow Potatoes

All-occasion smooth and creamy potato

Sliced yellow potatoesYellow potatoes are an all-occasion smooth and creamy potato.  Golden skin and golden flesh, naturally smooth with a buttery taste and creamy texture. Yellow potatoes are perfect for scalloped potatoes, roasted potatoes and au gratin potatoes.

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Farmer's Promise – 5lb bag of yellow potatoes

Available in multiple sizes.

Farmer's Promise –Organic Yellow Potatoes 5lb bag

Available in multiple sizes.

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Did you know…

If your potatoes are exposed to
too much light, it can turn green.

Although you can trim away the green part and still eat the potaoto, this bag is designed to keep potatoes in the dark and prevent greening.

If your potatoes are exposed to warm temperatures, they might “wake up” and sprout.

Don’t worry – they’re still safe to eat as long as they are firm and not wrinkled! Just pop off any sprouts before cooking. 

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Customer Testimonials

OMG best spuds ever!

Tried your potatoes first time this Thanksgiving. The mashed potatoes were beautiful and actually tasted like potatoes!

The best potatoes my family and I have ever had

The best potatoes my family and I have ever had! Purchase the potatoes at Aldi in Middletown Delaware, the potatoes were so buttery and smooth! We went back the next day and purchase another bag. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing! I have told so many people about your potatoes.