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Rinse potatoes before (cold water) and after (hot water) boiling to remove excess starch

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To avoid watery potato salad, drain potatoes after boiling and allow all steam to escape prior to mixing

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For the most flavor, mix your potato salad the night before and allow it to sit overnight in the refrigerator

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When boiling potatoes, add diced potatoes to cold water and bring to a boil slowly. Once boiling, allow water to simmer and heat gently

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To avoid soggy, roasted potatoes, use oil sparingly. Try placing oil in a spray bottle to coat potatoes before roasting

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To save time, peel and cut potatoes ahead of time and refrigerate in water for up to 2 days.

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For crispy roasted potatoes, make sure to leave enough room between pieces. Use two pans if necessary

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Short on time? Leaving the skins on mashed potatoes can add flavor and texture.

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